Car2Go is now a no go

Car2Go hasn’t operated in Portland Oregon since 2019. I used to use it a lot!

In 2015, I saw one in Amsterdam, when I was travelling throughout Europe

These little cars would get me further faster. I am a bike only girl. In a pinch or if I wanted to arrive looking nice, there were Car2go options with bike racks on the back. You would look for this blue, circle, bicycle symbol to pop up when you hovered over the options near you on the app. The bike rack wasn’t ideal to use properly therefore I didn’t. After a couple of trial and errors, I found a secure, easy way to attach my bike that worked for me.

They want to charge you by the minute and they want you to start the rental before being able to use the bike rack.

One time, I received an email from Car2go asking for participants for an in person survey. I wanted to give my feedback and decided to attend.

It was 2015 and it just so happened to coincide with President Barak Obama coming to town.

I rode my bike over to their meeting location on the West side. Riding a bike allows you to move through the city differently then by car or on foot. I didn’t notice the street closures or traffic building up.

When I arrived, I was the only person that showed up. We waiting 15 minutes after start time and decided to proceed without anyone else. There were five men from Austin, TX. They sent out 500 email, received nine replies for participation, and ended up with just me. Since I was already on display, I said no to their request to record the focus group.

They were curious about how users are interacting with the bike racks. It turns out a lot of them are being returned broken and they couldn’t figure out why.

Eventually they asked me to give them a demonstration. As we walked towards a Car2go with my bike, I mentioned that if they wanted me to show them what I really do then they have to promise not to revoke my privileges.

They will revoke your privileges if you get into an accident that is your fault. I learned this the hard way. It was your classic accident where I was crossing an intersection through a residential neighborhood and I couldn’t see the lanes furthest from my view. I was halfway through the intersection. A pregnant girl T-boned the vehicle. Thank goodness no one was hurt.

After this, I would never use a Car2go again. Thanks for the memories.