Skibowl Cosmic Tubing is more like my cosmic dreams went down the tubes

I would like my $100 back please. I will not go back. I paid $40 for the tubing ticket. I pitched in $20 for gas since I didn’t drive. I made lunch, snacks and hot chocolate for the ride. We left 30 minutes later than we should of because I wasn’t feeling well. I had thrown up earlier in the day. I was still committed to going. It would be the last weekend for the 2021 season to go tubing. I don’t have a car. It is too challenging to find people to go on adventures and I had finally found someone to go.

Mount Hood is about 45 minutes to an hours drive from Portland, Oregon. There are 3 places to ski on the mountain. Starting with the top- Mt. Meadows, then Timberline and then Skibowl is at the base of the mountain. As you can imagine, when it starts to snow, the top of the mountain gets the snow first until it reaches the bottom. Skiing/Snowboarding costs the most at Mt Meadows. There is year round skiing/snowboarding at Timberline because of the glacier. Skibowl opens last and closes first. In addition to hills to ski on, there is a separate area for tubing.

Every year, nearby resident hope to ski/snowboard on the mountain by Thanksgiving.


VS Reality

The weather on the way to the mountain was terrible. It required us to pull over and put on chains. The traffic was so bad ,we didn’t get there until the last run. No Refunds

It was all I could do to put my positive pants on and enjoy the ride. Made it to the top of the hill to encounter the longest line. No going back. It took over an hour to get there. Tickets had been scanned.

I had a hard time standing in this line. I bounced back and forth again before finally choosing the line my friend had committed to when we made it to the area initially.

I’m not sure how happy I would have been had we gotten there earlier. They sell tickets for 1.5 hour timeslots. How many times in an hour do you get to go down the hill considering how long you have to wait in line for one run? The run isn’t very long.

The only nice things to say about the experience is that I finally did it. I get to check it off the bucket list of things to do in Oregon before moving to New York.

Thanks Rick for being adventurous and for taking the time to take a photo. That’s me with my feet in the air 🙂

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