Dear Men on Tinder

Please learn how to provide a decent profile picture. Let me give you some tips: Have a smile on your face, don’t use a group photo, don’t use a photo with anyone else but yourself in it, don’t be in the bathroom taking an awkward selfie, don’t have a picture of something else, and don’t have a scrunched up look on your face. You want it to be the best representation of you so we are interested in seeing more.

If the only reason you are on Tinder is to hook up, then by all means keep your photo without a shirt on otherwise you are sending the wrong message.

Please hear me when I say that most people don’t trust a profile with one photo only.

I never trust a profile with one photo.

Make sure your photos are recent. If you tell me they aren’t in your bio then I don’t understand the reason you don’t update them vs telling us they aren’t recent. Sounds like you are hiding something. If you are, it isn’t going to go well for you when we meet in person.

I realize we are still in a pandemic. Having a photo with your mask on doesn’t show us your face. I’m not interested unless I can see your face. Ya dig?

Now for your bio- We are looking at your bio to see if we have anything in common. We are looking at your bio to see if we are interested in what you have to say. You make it impossible by saying things like ” I dislike writing these”, and “I’m an open book, just ask” or having nothing to say at all.

I don’t want to match and then find out we don’t have anything in common. What a waste of my valuable time.

If you have to say you are normal/a good person, then you probably aren’t. These things don’t need to be announced. Just let them be true and live your life.

Have you heard of spell check? Use it! I’m literally looking at someone who is saying this> “I’m giving g this ste last try after one years been her God lord only fucking scam profile and God digger.” What kind of response does this person think he is going to get?!?

It isn’t welcoming and he sounds like a jackass. Not someone I’m certainly interested in getting to know.

When a person is willing to give you their phone number and you want to move to WhatsApp – I know you are a catfish. Busted!!!

Okay, I’m done bitching about Tinder. I hope some men read this and take it to heart.

You might have better luck with a proper profile picture and telling us a little about yourself in your bio.

Good luck out there.

One thought on “Dear Men on Tinder

  1. Interesting note about the “I dislike writing these things”. Lol. I’ve actually done that. But I’ve never used tinder. My perspective on tinder is that it’s just for hook-ups and nothing serious. Then again how many sites out there are for serious people? If you know of one, please let me know.


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