Airbnb Stories: Running a 420 friendly Airbnb

Running an Airbnb in Portland Oregon allowed me to legally offer marijuana to guests which I didn’t mind if they smoked in the house. Public consumption is illegal. Out of towners need to be aware of this. It’s the main reason I won’t allow smoking weed on the front porch or out back. Don’t get me wrong, you will smell the distinct smell of Mary Jane while you move throughout the town. Technically though….. and not all cops are cool.

I used to be a cigarette smoker. “Used to” being the operative words here. It has been 12 years since I quit. It is by far has been the best thing I have done for myself. For that reason alone, there is no smoking Tobacco on the property. That’s right, not even outside in the backyard. Sorry not sorry.

You can find a marijuana dispensary in every neighborhood. Several actually. There are two dispensaries within walking distance from the house. The dispensary that was a bit further was one of my favorite places to go therefore I referred many many guests there. So many guests, that after some time, one of the budtenders they asked me if I was the “Julie” who was referring all the people. Yes, yes that’s me.

At some point the manager, at the time, approached me with a promotion I could not resist.

He had discount cards made for each of my guests to receive 20% off of their purchase. He gave me a laminated version of this discount card. They tracked how many cards came from me by assigning them the same number. That number is on my laminated card. They wanted to make sure the promotion didn’t result in a loss for them which means they also tracked how much of a discount I received along the way. I love this deal! It is a win win for all parties involved.

As a result of this dispensary promotion and laws in Portland for recreational use, I made welcome kits for each of the rooms. There was a small basket filled with paraphernalia and either a small nug or perhaps a leftover joint. There was hemp wick, a lighter, a small cheap $5 glass pipe and an ashtray.

You wouldn’t believe how much was weed paid forward. In hindsight it makes sense. My guest were traveling and they couldn’t travel with it so they left it behind. It wasn’t always appealing to me. I felt it kind to leave for my guests.

One time there was a sweet foreign guest who didn’t know what 420 stands for. She was very surprised! She rolled with it.

Another time I received the best review about the 420 vibe in the Airbnb house. The house was 3 bedrooms, two of which were for guests and the big bedroom was mine. Sometimes guests dealt with each other. I was always around.

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