Roofie gone wrong

Rohypnol: otherwise known as the date rape drug. It is a strong benzodiazepine. It’s not available legally in the United States. In other countries, doctors sometimes use it as anesthesia before surgery.

Rohypnol used to come as a white tablet that didn’t have a smell or taste. Drug companies now make it as a light green pill with a blue core. If someone puts it in a clear drink, the liquid turns blue. Some generic pills may not have the blue dye.

When I was in college, they held an event that was intended to educate young ladies how easy it is for someone to slip a pill into your drink without you knowing. They served non alcoholic beverages and used candy as the “pill”. The event was only 30 minutes long and towards the end you looked at your drink when they told you to in order to see if there was a piece of candy at the bottom. If there was then you didn’t notice someone slipped it in there and their point was made.

I am not a big drinker however I did go out to the bars a lot in my twenties. I even was a bookkeeper for a bar in Austin, Texas.

I went to see Marcy Playground at La Zona Rosa in 1998 with my jerk roommate. A couple of his friends went also. They like to party. I drove everyone there. It was the beginning of the show therefore I went to the bar to get a cocktail. My standard Capitan Morgan’s Rum with Sprite, tall not a double with a lime. I didn’t notice anything odd and went back to join the group of guys. I had maybe one or two sips of the drink and I didn’t feel well.

I excused myself to sit down towards the back of the room. There was a platform big enough to squat on. I put my head between my hands for so long and thought it would pass. I felt horrible, really really bad. I couldn’t figure it out. I don’t normally feel bad. I hadn’t had anything to drink. I couldn’t shake the feeling and eventually made my way back to the bar area. There were chairs to sit down in a particular section. It was off to Stage Left, away from the crowd squished together to see the show. The bar was crowded also but there were chairs!

At one point, I remember a couple of guys trying to talk to me. I remember they were sitting across from me and all I could see were their shoes. I remember uttering, I can’t talk to you right now, I don’t feel good and I’m going to throw up. This is all I remember. I was awakened by a person that worked there, shaking me awake. I had passed out with my head in a corner, body facing the nook, sitting in a chair. She asked if I was alright. No I answered, I am not alright. It occurred to me instantly that I looked as if I was drunk or messed up-passed out in the corner when in reality something happened to me. I followed up with that – I’m not fucked up, something happened to me.

I looked around for my jerk roommate and his jerk face friends. They were nowhere to be found.

I found my car and drove myself home. I only lived 10 minutes away.

When I got home, all those jerks were there. I become upset at the sight of them. What did they think happened to me? I drove them there, did they not think I would drive us home? They took said they looked for me and when they didn’t find me, they took a taxi.

I explained what happened to me and the response I got was – Damn dude, wish I had some of what you were on. I took myself straight to bed.

In hindsight, I am beyond grateful I didn’t get raped.

Curiosity makes me wonder the reason I wasn’t removed from the venue. It also makes me think the bartender was in on it.

Always keep an eye on your drink people. The person making it, the person serving it and the entire time you are drinking it.

One thought on “Roofie gone wrong

  1. When I read your post, I was so pissed to hear this happen. Whoever put it in, has no balls to try to “get you into bed” and had to attempt something that’s illegal and stupid. I’m glad to hear you were ok and made it back safely. Idk how long ago that was, but is it possible to still make a police report?
    I don’t drink, but I do like having a bottled water with a sealed cap. Stay safe!


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