I don’t remember what it’s like-

to be little.

Do you?

They say that the mind makes up things. It fills in the gaps. It doesn’t get the details right. It is safe to say a person’s memory isn’t 100% accurate.

How far back can you go with a memory?

I mean a memory that stems from you and you alone. Not a story that is told to you about when you were little or a story you have told so many times that you may know it to be true but if you are honest with yourself, you can’t actually remember it, it is something you have memorized after telling many times.





I am going to be 46 this year and the furthest back I can go is 8 years old. I remember being bullied one day after school. A group of kids in my class gathered around me after school and threw me in the dumpster. I got myself out and cried all the way home. The next day, I told on them. I remember walking through the class and pointing them out.



I wonder if the fact that my childhood wasn’t filled with happy memories contributes to my inability to remember much of it. The brain tends to suppress traumatic events. There were more traumatic events than I would like to admit therefore I do not to spend much time dwelling on my younger years. Too much abuse and dysfunction.


Don’t cry for me Argentina. I spent plenty of time in therapy, reading self help books, working on new behavior and growing up to rise above my childhood. I would like to think the dysfunctional cycle stops with me (I do not have children). I am the only person to graduate college with a Bachelor’s Degree ( I put myself through college part time) ( it took 10 years). I speak another language, etc. All that matters is – I am happy.



I would love to know how far back you can go so if you would be so kind to let me know in the comments below ❤

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