Airbnb Lesson for the Week: Bad Communication will get you nowhere.


You bring yourself with you wherever you go. So it makes no difference if this is your “first time to use Airbnb”.  Good communicators will bring good communication to the experience.

“Sorry for the late reply” and “I stepped away from the phone” are not acceptable reasons for bad communication.

I understand stepping away from your phone.  I am not attached to mine like most people are.  I barely use it besides for business and blogging.

What I do not understand is stepping away when you are in the middle of something that requires communication. This defiantly applies if it is your first time to use Airbnb.

Unless every necessary detail has been addressed then more communication is needed.

I personally find last-minute communication challenging and hard to work with. Flexibility goes out the window.  Lack of planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on mine.images-2

You can save a lot of stress by taking the time to prepare yourself.  Airbnb Lesson for the week: If you don’t know- ask. Standing on the door step is not the time to be asking for the code to get the key from the lockbox.  The night before your trip is not the time to arrange an earlier check in or to see if you can drop off your luggage before the check in time.

If I have to keep messaging and asking for the same piece of information multiple times then when it is time to leave a review you will not receive 5 stars in the communication department.

It is not just when using Airbnb that  good communication skills will serve you.  Consider it another opportunity to practice so that you will become a better leader for your own life!



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