The “Hotel Mindset” won’t serve you well when using Airbnb.


Airbnb is not a hotel.  You are staying in someone’s home and unless you have rented out the entire place then there will be other people to take into consideration.  Each place works differently and most boundaries have been expressed through the details of the listing and House Rules.

Which type of Airbnb is right for you? Shared Room or Private Room or Entire Place.
5 Top Things Airbnb Guests Should Do  
Airbnb: Respect the Check Out Time!
Staying at an Airbnb? Don’t Make the Bed When Checking Out.

When you stay at a three star or better hotel; It’s going to cost more, the door probably automatically locks when you leave the room, you can wear your shoes inside if ya like, you do not have to clean up after yourself, no one cares if you leave the lights on all night while you’re out having fun (well, Mother Nature cares), you can bring people back to the room without informing anyone, you can ask for a late check out, there is unlimited hot water, Valet Parking, an ice machine,  a concierge desk  to answer all the questions your little heart desires, and if you make any mistakes- you can just get charged for them.

Let us consider some differences and similarities.

                                                                                 Hotel               vs.              Airbnb 

Check In Time-                                                 anytime after 3                  Check Listing

Checking In Early-                                           not likely                            possible

Checking Out Late-                                          if room not booked        depends on Host

  • Most hotels don’t let you check out later than a late check out, and if they do, it’s because your paying for another entire day.
    Checking out late is only possible in my listings on the weekends.

Lock the door-                                                   auto lock                           YOU lock the door

Wear Shoes Inside-                                          wear them                        Host preference

Leave Lights On (waste of energy)             no one to notice                Costs $ to the host

Autonomous Guests                                          Allowed                           Prior permission

Don’t Make Bed                                             not necessary                       not necessary

Unlimited Hot Water for Showers                    yes                                          no

Guaranteed Parking                                           Valet                           maybe, most likely

Concierge                                                               yes                             host time permitting

Fees for Amenities                               everything costs extra                 included

No Smoking                                                    $250 fine                                maybe/ outside

Smoking Marijuana                                          no                                         where legal

Pool/Hot Tub                                                most likely                             if you’re lucky

Bar                                                                  yes, cost $                              friendly host ?

Continental Breakfast                                included                                   don’t expect it

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