1st time to Airbnb- Here is your to do checklist.


  1. Decide which type of option is best for you: Shared Room or Private Room or the Entire Place. Which type of Airbnb is right for you? Shared Room or Private Room or Entire Place.
  2. Make yourself aware of Check In times, Check Out times, Amenities provided and House Rules. Look to see if Self Check In is an option- this will make life easier.  Lots of details are included with each listing however certain aspects affect you more than others. Airbnb: Respect the Check Out Time!
  3.  Verify the Location works for you: Ask the host how far their place is from the places you want to go, in case the area shown to you on Airbnb isn’t specific enough for your needs.   Location helps maximize your time exploring. Airbnb: Location the category that isn’t fair to hosts for guests to grade.
  4. Make sure the number of people staying in the room matches the number of people in the reservation.  What could be a minor oversight on your part has the potential to be misconstrued on the hosts part.
  5. Book the room: either there will be an instant book option or you will have to reach out to the host.  Be sure to include any requested information.
  6. Communicate with your host to figure out how you will get in: Self Check In is the easiest and allows for self-sufficiency otherwise there could be someone there to greet you.Airbnb Lesson for the week: If you don’t know- ask.
  7. Enjoy your adventure! The “Hotel Mindset” won’t serve you well when using Airbnb.
  8. Airbnb Lesson for the week: When asking for already provided information – expect to be pointed in that direction.

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