Airbnb: Respect the Check Out Time!

Clock set at 9a.m.

I am not sure when 9:00a.m meant anything other than 9:00a.m.
To me- 9:00a.m is not the same as 9:05a.m. or 9:12a.m. or 9:30a.m.

Checking out means- you have all your belongs ready to go, you are ready to go, you are walking out the door and turning in your key no later then the time listed.

  • Hosts have lives outside of Airbnb.

Boundries have been established with the details in the listing. As a host,  I schedule my life around those times. If I have an important appointment to make, I make it for after 9:00a.m. since that’s when guests are supposed to be checked out.  A 9:30a.m. appointment is common for me.

During the week, I have to get to work.
There are times where being late is not an option which is one of the reasons guest can be rushed out.

You are not at a hotel. There isn’t a late check out fee to pay.  Guests being late affects hosts. It is not okay for guests to think their needs are more important than their hosts.  Plan accordingly.  The “Hotel Mindset” won’t serve you well when using Airbnb.

Every place works different since every person is different- with different lives that they are working the Airbnb hosting into.

  • People are used to “the customer is always right”

Big businesses have the ability to go out of their way for their customers to be happy no matter the cost because they are profitable business’s that employ people to work there to satisfy their customer’s needs.

I am an individual and You are in my home.

If the Check In times or Check Out times, Location, Amenities provided, House Rules do not work for you.  That’s okay.  Pick a different place.

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