Airbnb: Location the category that isn’t fair to hosts for guests to grade.



Guests who aren’t familiar with the city aren’t the best judges to rate the location of their Airbnb. It is not the host’s fault when guests pick poorly. I mean, seriously, how are guests whom have never been to a city supposed to know if your spot is good or not?

When a guests picks their Airbnb and it turns out not to be as close as they thought for where they needed to go, they should realize they needed to do more research. Airbnb gives a radius of where your spot will be located.  It is a pretty small circle. Chances are good that you can find a business on the map, grab the address and use it as a reference point for mapping.  Guests can always ask their hosts how close the Airbnb is to “x” location if they need to know specifics.

I live in the Inner NE part of Portland. It is close to many restaurants, music venues, the convention center and public transportation. Technically I am located 2 miles from downtown.  Downtown Portland is on the west side of the Willamette River.  You have to use one of the many bridges to cross over the river.  For some reason this makes people feel it is super far.

One guest got his convention centers wrong therefore he had to commute a bit farther than he thought.  He could have picked a closer spot – I agree.  This does not mean that my spot is in a bad location.

My Advice: Do More Research! Research Research Research – it only makes your travels nicer.

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