Which type of Airbnb is right for you? Shared Room or Private Room or Entire Place.

Shared Room: Cost $

The Shared Room experience is the least expensive option. It comes with the least amount of privacy of all the choices. I have heard from several guests it is like staying in a hostel. There is probably a bunk bed involved and many people to share the bathroom with. In order for you to enjoy this type of room, I think you would have to be traveling alone. You like being social , like a high amount of communication and/or don’t plan on being in the room much.

Private Room: Cost $$

The Private Room experience comes with more privacy for sure. The room may or may not lock. The residence is most likely shared with the host. Other guests are common but they have their own rooms. Communication is still important there’s just less people to do it with. This option is suited for people on a budget, traveling alone, with a friend or with a significant other ( although having sex could prove challenging).

Entire Place: Cost $$$

The Entire Place experience costs the most and comes with the most privacy. I wouldn’t be surprised if there was always a security deposit and higher cleaning fee. You only have to communicate with the host. There won’t be anyone to notice if you left the lights on. You can walk around naked. Stress free sex with your partner, etc.
Best suited for guests who are traveling with more than just yourself, guests who keep late hours or erratic schedules. Guests who don’t want to interact with other people. Guests who plan to be at home a lot.

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