Staying at an Airbnb? Don’t Make the Bed When Checking Out.


I see your heart.  I appreciate the intention. You want to be nice, helpful, courteous.  Don’t Make the Bed on your way out.

Let me shift your perspective by explaining….

Every guest gets clean sheets and pillow cases for the bed they sleep in.  I wash the blankets and duvet covers as necessary.  I like a fresh bed and I think most people do too.  What you think is a nice deed actually creates more work for you and for me. When you make the bed, I just have to tear it apart when you depart to put on freshies for the next guest.

The polite thing to do is….

 Remove the sheets and pillow cases. Put in a pile along with any towels used.

or feel free to do nothing….

That’s right, just walk away. Like you do at the hotel.  One of the “hotel mindset” behaviors that can be carried over to Airbnb.

The “Hotel Mindset” won’t serve you well when using Airbnb.

Thanks for considering this point of view.


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