3 Top Things Airbnb Hosts Should Do


  1. Offer Self Check In: Having a lockbox will make your hosting life easier as well as set your guests up for success. It can help alleviate the frustration that comes along with the lack of communication from guests.  People are not always the best at communicating their plans or when their plans change.  Often people who say they will be checking in at 5:00p.m come over at 5:15p.m./ 5:30p.m. or later. Having a lockbox gives you the freedom to carry on with your life and not get held up by guests.  This will also ensure guests have a smooth check in process since they can be  self-sufficient.
  2. Personalize Something: Each guest should have something with their name on it while they stay.  Making dedicated bathroom space or writing a welcoming note are two examples that are easy to do.  I write their name on a chalkboard sign that hangs on their door as well as in the bathroom with the dedicated shelf idea. It makes them feel welcome in your space which means their comfort level increases.  I think it helps guests have a nice experience by making them feel comfortable to be there from the start.
  3. Be Proactive in Communication: Certain aspects of hosting affect you more than others. It is important to take action to get the needed information from people.  Asking about their check in time and check out time will help facilitate the process. Utilize the lockbox.  I like to get confirmation the house rules have been read since they are important to me.  Realize this all could change. Guests don’t typically  update plans ( some do ). I would say at least 65% of my guests have not been familiar with either the check in time or the check out time.   Plan your day with the check out time and if it happens earlier then bonus time for you 🙂

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