5 Top Things Airbnb Guests Should Do

  1.  Read the Listing:   Every place works different so it is important to be aware of Check In times, Check Out times, Amenities, Places you can access, and House Rules. These specific details affect you the most.  No one likes to be rushed out.  It is not fun for hosts to do the rushing. You can pack better if you know there will be towels, linens, soap, and a hair dryer at your spot.Airbnb: Respect the Check Out Time!
  2. Communicate your action plan & any changes to that plan:  Hosts like to know when strangers (I mean guests) will be arriving to their home, especially in a shared situation.  If you require flexibility in your plans, look for hosts who have Self Check In. As long as you plan to arrive after the Official Check In time, it should not be an issue.  Communication can save both parties potential negative feelings. Airbnb Lesson for the Week: Bad Communication will get you nowhere.
  3. Show up with the # of people in your reservation:  Transparency is important.  Hosts like to know who is in their home, it is a liability issue.  I have had guests sneak in other people, these situations tend not to end well.  What could be an innocent oversight on a guests part can be easily misinterpreted from a hosts point of view. It does not look good.
  4. Don’t Assume:  that you understand why things flow the way they do in someone’s home.  I have posted signs around the house for friendly reminders and good communication purposes.  It is quite frustrating for people not to realize systems develop for a reason. Those signs were in response to too many guests not behaving in previously agreed ways.
  5. RESPECT the House Rules: Technically you agree to be bound by these rules when you book a reservation whether you are aware of them are not.  Some hosts have penalty fees for breaking the rules.  I have found many people say they have read the rules. They say they agree with them. They understand them.  Then they show up and do not follow them.  Actions speak louder than words people.

Airbnb: These are my House Rules. Do you think they are reasonable?

Airbnb Lesson for the week: If you lie about reading the house rules, show up and violate them, then your stay with me will come to an end.

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